The Book Review Scoring System is designed to standardize all reviews from this point forward.


One Star: A book that one should avoid at all costs either because of some obvious glaring problem(s), bait-and-switch marketing, or purposeful attempts at deception through misinformation. Personal opinion without supporting facts masquerading as “non fiction” falls in this category.

Two Stars: A book either of poor quality, lack of persuasiveness, lack of consideration of alternative hypotheses, or the purposeful dedication to a predetermined ideology without examining the cumulative whole. Little to no practical applicability. A two star book rises above a one star book by having at least one notable redeeming quality that is of value to the reader.

Three Stars: A decent book that doesn’t necessarily lack value but either falls short of its promises or has some notable omissions in formulating its arguments. Three star books tend to provide useful tidbits of information but aren’t necessarily memorable. These are the type of texts one would probably do better not purchasing but instead renting or borrowing.

Four Stars: A solid book that certainly adds value to the reader’s life. The book accomplishes the task promised or the goal set forth by the author and provides well-researched, well thought out, comprehensive knowledge that will yield some practical dividends in life. These books may not change your life, but will certainly benefit you in some way. A worthy addition to your library.

Five Stars: Because there is a tendency for many reviewers to give a book five stars liberally, I think this devalues the rating. Accordingly, this rating will be reserved only for those select few phenomenal books. These are those treasured books that will forever be with you, inspire and empower, change the way you see the world, how you think, how you behave, and how you interact with others. These are game changing, paradigm shifting books that you will never forget, and refer back to throughout the course of you life. Not only do these texts make a persuasive argument but consider alternative hypotheses as well, yet still manage to debunk them in extraordinary fashion. A must have for any library.

Incremental points will be added and subtracted from the integer score as deemed necessary. Generally speaking, price will be factored into grading as it pertains to value.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal


* (1) A note about bias: I will make my own book prejudices clear so all readers will be aware of how the scale is tilted. Generally speaking, on most subjects I remain neutral yet when it comes to theology I am generously biased toward any text that either increases an individual’s understanding of the Logos or a book that provides wise insight to navigate the waters of life. Particularly, any text that has practical applicability in empowering, ministering, teaching or leading others will also be rated highly. Conversely, from time to time I will read “spiritual” or “religious” books written from authors who are atheists, agnostics, or something of the sort, and for obvious reasons I am persuaded to rank such books lower on the scale. (2) While I may from time to time review fiction books, in such cases none of the above criteria will apply. My scoring of fiction books is predominantly an exercise in subjectivity but the following loose guidelines will apply: 1-star: Fuel for your fireplace during those cold winter nights; 2-star: You try to read it and can’t, you try to force it and the words just don’t make any sense; 3-star: Something OK that you may pick up, forget about for a while, but ultimately have the drive to finish; 4-star: An enjoyable read that was worth the effort. You browse other titles from the same author and may pick something up; 5-star: A can’t put it down masterpiece that tickles the mind and stimulates the senses. You look for other books by the same author and buy as many as you can.


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