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The bottom line: If you are seeking an introduction to the world of exegesis, this is a good place to start.



From its back cover, Biblical Exegesis “introduces solid guidelines on exegetical methods” and presents how these methods play out in practice. This book is not an in-depth analysis of exegetical methods, nor does it claim to do that.

What Biblical Exegesis does accomplish is to equip readers with a basic set of investigatory tools so that they can embark on their own interpretive quest.

The fruits of said investigation can be applied to personal study, Bible study groups, sermons, Christian education classes and Sunday school.

Biblical Exegesis begins by introducing the field of exegesis, factors that have shaped it over time, as well as the features unique to interpreting the Bible. Each subsequent chapter tackles a specific model of exegetical criticism: textual, historical, grammatical, literary, form, tradition, redaction, structuralist, and canonical. Each of these chapters first introduce what the critical model aims to do, how it developed, and then explains how the Bible can be evaluated using the specific model. The chapters also have examples of how a model is applied and the authors exegete a portion of a Biblical text as an example. In my opinion, this is where Biblical Exegesis shines and takes what is theoretical to what is very practical. By studying the examples, the students are also given a blueprint on the types of questions each model compels the exegete to ask.

The final chapters touch briefly on more modern exegetical strategies (e.g. womanist and liberation) and then proceed to describe how all of the models can be integrated for practical, everyday uses (e.g. preaching). Much of the information in this last section is common sense.

I read this book as required by a graduate level seminary course and would especially recommend it for seminarians who would like to solidify their Bible study and for those who will be teaching theological education classes.

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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