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The bottom line: A fair introduction on how to write persuasive headlines.

What Advertising Headlines does well is give you a basic introduction on how to write headlines that nudge people to read what you have to say whether that appears in a print article, online ad, or a commercial.

The key word is basic because you will in no way be a guru of headline writing when you are done reading this book. What you will be equipped with are 20 proven headline templates that can be tailored to your specific needs. Why are headlines important? Because as the author describes, headlines are what determine whether or not a person will read your copy, and, by implication, whether or not they buy what you are selling.

Part I of the book has twenty chapters each of which is devoted to a proven headline that works like, “Get Rid of that Nasty Habit Once and For All.” The author then gives about a dozen tweaks of his headline for specific businesses and then provides a few paragraphs on how to adapt the formula behind the headline to meet your unique goals. Each “chapter” is only about 1-2 pages on a Kindle so the logic that goes behind the headline is very sparse.

Part II of the book has ten brief chapters on what makes powerful headlines and why certain techniques work better than others. Here, you will find some useful nuggets like, “Where most people go wrong with headlines,” and “10 golden rules for writing powerful headlines.” A unique benefit is a section on how to apply techniques to Google Adwords and personal websites.

Potential readers should note and be prepared that scattered throughout Advertising Headlines are unwelcome intermissions where the author invites you to stop and buy his even more expensive advertising programs. As far as value is concerned, I paid $10 for the Kindle version which in my opinion is a bit of a stretch. Certainly if I paid $25 or more for the print version, I would be highly disappointed.

Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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