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The bottom line: A beacon of hope that enlightens the mind and inspires the heart.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a contemporary prophet who radically changed not only the course of American history, but whose legacy continues to influence the lives of people all the around the globe.

A Testament of Hope opens to door to Dr. King’s deep, personally held convictions as he explains the guiding principles of his liberating, humanitarian ethos through an assortment of essential writings.

Dr. King was inspired by his Christian beliefs, his life experiences (especially in India) and a compassionate concern for the welfare and dignity of humankind. This animated his zealous advocacy for equality and justice, and this book subsequently invites the reader to share in his triumphs, tribulations and optimistic vision of the future through sermons, essays, personal reflections, and speeches. Truly, there is transformative power contained in the pages of A Testament of Hope.

Eerily, the words that King spoke 50 years ago still ring true today and are as easily applicable now as they were then. Essentially, a person reading A Testament of Hope is learning both about history and how to constructively navigate the ills that plague modern society. So whether you are a community activist, a church leader, an advocate for social change or a political reformer, you will find tremendous value in this book.

Readers should be aware of the amazing value that this book delivers. “Part I: Philosophy” is a collection of essays that Dr. King wrote which highlight the guiding principles that supported his core ethos of non-violent resistance. It includes essays and speeches on the common humanity of man, non-violence, social integration and political movements. Part II includes famous sermons and speeches including, “I Have a Dream.” Part III includes historic essays including, “Letter from Birmingham City Jail.” Part V includes five full-length books from Dr. King including Stride Toward Freedom and Why We Can’t Wait. The fact that the reader gets all of that for less than $20 (April 2017) is mind-boggling. In my opinion, if this collection were priced at $100 it would still be a bargain.

A Testament for Hope gave me a new breadth of imagination for the present and a new hope for the future. A must-read for anyone who believes there is a better way and that way is worth fighting for.


Dr. C. H. E. Sadaphal

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