A miracle is an extraordinary event unexplained by natural phenomenon that is intended to bring reverence and glory to God.

God is the One Who authors, executes, and finishes all miracles. Hence, because miracles are a divine product, by better understanding miracles, we can better understand the One who creates them.

In this C.H.E. Sadaphal sermon, you will learn about the miracle formula. This formula analyzes and dissects miracles so you will know what God requires of those who receive divine provision. You will also learn how to better prepare your vessel to receive a miracle if it is God’s will.

This sermon has three main points:

(1) Miracles take before they give. In I Kings 17, we meet a prophet who had to venture into unfamiliar territory and quietly serve one woman before God used him to perform grandiose public spectacles. Also, we meet a widow and her son who are on the verge of starvation. Before she got, she had to give everything up. Here, the prosperity gospel is exposed for what it really is: a fraud.

(2) Be careful what you ask for because God may bless you with a dirty miracle. Turning water into wine (John 2) did more than provide fuel for a wedding. It granted a request, but permanently erased old identities, old functions, and old ways of life.

(3) God can give you what you want, but you may give what’s His to something else. Miracles save no one. Jesus saves everyone. So, if you do get your miracle, will you let go of God? If your vessel isn’t miracle-ready, the very thing that you seek can destroy you. Discover what a routine trip to the doctor and the curing of leprosy (Luke 17) has to do with your salvation.



The video above can also be found by following the link here.

This sermon was performed at Deeper Life Christian Fellowship in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY. Dr. Sadaphal is scheduled to preach on the last Sunday of every month for the foreseeable future. For more information, please click on the Contact tab above.

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God Bless.

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